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Range of Consultancy services

We help organisations establish their own expertise, governance and metrics to promote good information management.  There are occasions when some assistance or intervention is called for from external consultants, and IKM Solutions has plenty of experience in this capacity.  Typical interventions can include:

  • Starting a signficant IM project and wishing to establish a firm foundation to work from, using external help
  • Short-term support when key staff or project managers leave a project
  • Help in communicating project requirements between the business community and IT suppliers
  • Establishing fundamental principles and policies to guide future use of information systems
  • Facilitation, for example with workshops to identify the need for cultural or behavioural changes to make best use of new IM facilities
  • Remedial checks or reviews, typically after a bad audit report, legal or regulatory challenge.

Coaching and Mentoring

Another useful contribution is when external consultants are on-tap to advise, assist or simply mentor Information Management practitioners.  This can be very cost-effective, as the consultancy fees are more likely to be ‘by the hour’ rather than full-time involvement on site.  An agreement of say 5-10 days spread over many months can help to keep everything on an even keel.  Your own employees can tap into expert knowledge only when required, with the added advantage that expertise is being transferred to your own people.

What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?


When someone needs to be shown how to do something, or lacks confidence to do it themselves, they may benefit from being coached by someone who is not in competition for their job, and who has the experience and technique to help them improve. This is ‘coaching’.


Sometimes people need just a shoulder to lean on, to reassure, suggest alternative ways, and someone to encourage them. A mentor can provide this type of support, again without a hint of competitive threat, and may also suggest the direction that development and career progression may take.

Talk to IKM Solutions

We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we have possibly seen your situation before, at any stage in a project or programme lifecycle. By discussing your needs we may be able to offer direct assistance or direct you towards someone more appropriate or with expertise in specific fields.
Call or email us – if we can help we will, and if not we will tell you so.

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