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AIIM Training Partner

Information and Knowledge Management

IKM Solutions in

Australia and the UK

IKM Solutions is dedicated to bringing IM and KM exponents together, to help organisations raise their game.

Our consultants have many years of experience working with industry sectors with significant pressures on information, compliance and regulation. We chose to be involved with AIIM training to raise the levels of expertise for information and knowledge asset owners, records managers, document controllers, IT developers and others.

Contact us to discuss options for helping your organisation through consulting services or access to AIIM training.

IKM Solutions Ltd – UK

In the UK our main focus is on consultancy services, and we deliver AIIM Training when requested by AIIM-Europe.  We also engage with local Information Management experts in the UK to achieve our consultancy objectives.  In Australia the company focus is to help raise the profile of AIIM, who can offer online training, or discuss your needs for classroom training.

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